Ant Pest Control 

Ant pest control services for all ant species in Perth

Common ant species:

  • Argentine Ant
  • Black Ant (white-footed house ant)
  • Coastal Brown ant
  • Bull ant

When ants do get in, they do so in large numbers and can be a major source of frustration. It’s also not that easy to get rid of them, that’s why you need to contact a specialist in ant pest control in Perth, we have many years’ experience and the best equipment and techniques, we will not only rid your premises of all ants, we will find the source of your problem and provide a solution to prevent future ant infestations.


Like all ants, Perth ants are highly developed social insects who live together in large colonies, they pick annoying places – like your kitchen. Ants are active throughout the year, but mainly in summer and especially after one of Perth’s classic summer rains. We have several different ant species in Perth – Some species feed on sugar, this is why you can find them eating the honey jar & some are protein feeders, so you can find them eating out ‘mittens’ pet bowl for lunch. Some ants travel in army like march lines up the wall and others spread over a bench top like breadcrumbs thrown from the roof. It’s therefore important to know your enemy before you choose your ant weapons carefully.


Once the pest control team figures out where the ants are coming from and where their colony resides, they move on to apply the various insecticides. They also set traps to capture and exterminate the ants. Spraying solutions on the external walls, in-between cracks, and other unreachable areas are some of the other methods. The team can access even the narrowest spaces of the house easily. They lure out the ants before killing them swiftly before safeguarding the house for future infestations.



External Grounds

  • Inspection of External Grounds
  • Window Frame Treatments
  • Door Frame Treatments
  • External of Sheds
  • Fencelines
  • Gardens and paving

Internal Grounds

  • Inspection of Internal grounds
  • Roof Void
  • Subfloors
  • Treatments for sinks & drains




Ants are one of the most difficult, if not the most difficult type of insect to control. At any one time, what we see on the surface is only 5% of a colony. “Old” remedies such as pouring boiling hot water or petrol over the ants, or spraying them with hardware store-bought repellent dust, will only be temporarily successful as the majority of the colony will remain safely underground and will simply relocate or resurface a few weeks later.