Perth Possum Removal - Capture and Release

Possums are Protected so We Safely Capture and Release and Can Possum Proof Your Roof? 

  • We are licensed Possum Removal experts so we can safely and humanely capture your problem possums and they will be released into bushland away from your home.  
  • We will also advise on how to prevent possums from returning to your roof by possum proofing access points.


Dear Perth Possum Lover (or not)

Do you have a noisy, smelly, defacating and urinating possum in your roof.  They are very loud and will frighten the hell out of you with their loud banging at night.

Possums are a protected native wildlife but they are a problem when in your roof as opposed to in trees.  We can locate, capture, or trap the possums that live in your roof space and help you implement a possum proofing strategy so they don't return to your roof space.

We do not poison or kill your possum.  We move them to a better more suitable home and release them. And no, it is not your neighbours.

Possums are more prevalent in the rural or fringe suburban areas of Perth that are surrounded by, or close to bushland.  This is for the obvious reasons in that they have more vegetation to live in. They are a rapidly decreasing species in Perth and Western Australia as the human population grows and Perth's slash and burn and develop mentality continues.  By removing old trees that have hollows in them we are destroying where they can shelter, sleep and reproduce. So the Perth roof is all they have left in some cases.

But if possums are in your Perth roof space, then you'll want to give us a call.  Possums, like rats, like to chew stuff and that includes roof wires. This makes having a possum family living in your roof dangerous to your entire family. Possums and rats cause a substantial amount of house fires.  So make sure you have wired in smoke detectors and a fire escape plan, especially if you have a possum problem.  Make sure your kids know how to unlock their windows and get out if the fire alarm goes off in the middle of the night. Have a fire escape strategy.

So how do we capture and remove possums from your roof?  Possums get pretty big, about 5kg in weight which is the size of a big cat. They have sharp claws and big gnashing teeth.  Well, they can scratch the hell out of you if you try and grab them and this can give you wounds that take a fair while to heal, and often with some infection or scarring.  So we generally don't like to grab the big ones unless we have the right gloves on.

But we do like to extract them quickly from your roof space and we use a range of tactics to trap them which may involve cornering them, not a good idea and stressful for the possum, or trapping them with a proper possum trap and bait.  We'll come out and set this up and come back the next day.  Then we can show you the culprit and take them far away to a safe bush environment for release.

If you have loud banging at night in your Perth roof space and you can smell the quantities of possum poo and possum urine seeping through your ceiling, then give us a call as we are licensed possum removalists.  



We can come out the same day to sort out your Perth Possum issue. Just call or fill in the quick contact form on this page.




Can be described as:

  • Similar size as a family cat
  • Can grow up to 5kgs in weight
  • Grey coloured fur
  • Large pointed ears
  • Brushy tail with a white tip
  • Tends to live in roof spaces, chimneys and even garden sheds


Ring-Tailed Possums are identified by:

  • Being smaller sized than Brush Tailed Possums with a maximum weight of approximately 1 kg
  • Dark brown fur on top of their body with a cream or grey underside and white patches behind their ears and eyes
  • Short rounded ears
  • Long tapered tail with a noticeable white tip
  • Tend to nest in dense foliage a few metres above ground
  • Have declined in numbers and are now mainly seen in the southwest of WA between Bunbury and Albany



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