Have you got rats in your Waterford roof space?

5 Signs Rats are in Your Waterford Roof

Dear Waterford Resident.

Waterford rats are some of the worst rats in Perth. They have no manners and no respect for other people’s property. They tend to find a dry cosy roof and wee and poo in their own home. Well, it’s your home. These squatting rats will also start to bring up families in your roof and from a single pair of a mummy and daddy rat, hundreds of rats can be bred through several generations in just one year.

They will live and die in your roof and stink all summer long as they decompose. Waterford rats don't seem to mind the smell.

Waterford rats are some of the worst Perth Rats around and they are more active at night, setting up their disco ball in your roof and running around early evening and early morning.

The sicko rats like to chew the electrical wires in your roof and it is a fact that rodents cause 6% of house fires. Waterford rats have been known to start fires as well.

One thing Waterford rats don’t like is an experienced rodent pest controller. The rat exterminator is cunning and clever in getting your squatting rats to disappear from your roof space. Usually by sending them to rat heaven. We don't scare them from your roof to your neighbours' roof. That would just be rude.

When poisoning Waterford rats there are different poisons available. Cheap bunnings ones are mostly NOT Raptor safe and you should always ask for raptor safe poisons if you go down the poisons pathway.

Rats that eat poison may not die straight away and will be slow and sick. An owl will see the rat and easily capture it and eat the poison that is in the rat's body tissue. Boobook Owls, Tawny Frogmouths and other nighttime birds have been rapidly disappearing since hardware stores started selling new generation rat poisons for profits with no regard for the impact on native wildlife.

We can eliminate rats using no poisons, e.g. by using traps. We will discuss your options.

At Megatec Pest Control, ask us what we can do to remove your Waterford rat problem and not kill your cat, dog, or native wildlife in the process.

There are various alternatives we can provide

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